Book Review: Poison Princess by Kersley Cole

Summary: Despite the nightmares and hallucinations, sixteen-year-old Evie lives a pretty charmed life until the apocalypse decimates the world. She soon finds herself fighting alongside her “bad boy” classmate to survive, while journeying across the country to find her grandmother – who may or may not be alive – since she had once prophesied the apocalypse and Evie’s role in saving the world.

Thoughts: I really wanted to DNF after the first couple of chapters. The story wasn’t the kind of story I usually enjoyed reading, and Evie wasn’t my kind of heroine and I was very thrown off by the many cliches, mainly that of the “good girl crushes on bad boy” romance thing that was about to go down. Until the apocalypse hit, and I was so glad I didn’t DNF! I really ended up enjoying the story way more than I expected. So much so that Evie started to grow on me by the end and I was really sorry when the story ended the way it ended. Poor Evie, but excellent character development. As for Jackson, the bad boy love interest – what I loved most about him was that he was Cajun French. Not something I find a lot in YA. What I didn’t enjoy was the way that the Cajun French students were stereotyped in the book as poor, uneducated and rude. I understand they’re coming from the other side of the bayou, but really??? I couldn’t help but draw parallels to Gambit from the X-Men animated series at some points. Which I loved when it worked, not so much when Jackson fell short of the mark. He read like Gambit but without the charm and with extra spoonfuls of useless violence and anger. Despite all these things, the story has solid world-building and excellent pacing. If you make it past the first 30% of the book, and bear in mind that Evie will at some point stop sounding like an annoying spoiled brat, you will get to enjoy this book because the ending is worth it and the premise is actually very interesting despite the fact that some scenes made me laugh and roll my eyes.

Stars: 3/5