Review Policy

Thank you for considering me to review your novel. But before you contact me, I ask that you read the requirements below to see whether or not I’m a good match for your book.


– While I do prefer hard copies because I tend to read them faster and they make for better pictures (and of course, nothing compares to flipping pages and *whispers* smelling them) I do accept e-books because I understand that it is sometimes difficult to ship internationally. But, with e-books, I can’t guarantee that the review will come with a picture therefore I won’t be able to post it on IG where I have a much bigger follower base. You can check my IG out in the margins or visit straight away: @issahessa


In Young Adult, I prefer the following:

Science Fiction

– Fantasy

– Dystopian 

– Historical Fiction

– Contemporary 

– Mystery/Thriller

– Paranormal

Rating System:

5= I LOVED this book and will forcefully recommend it to everyone I know.

4= I really loved it and I think it’s definitely worth your time.

3= It was an enjoyable read that I really liked.

2= Not a bad book, but consider carefully before buying.

1= I didn’t enjoy the book.

Negative Reviews?

– Since I can’t promise to LOVE your novel, I can promise that whatever criticism I have regarding your novel will be respectful and constructive.

Additional Information:

– All and any books that I read will be reviewed.

– As I am very selective when choosing a book, I will not DNF.

– If you are interested in doing a Giveaway, a Guest Post, Q&A or Blog Tour please contact me via my Contact page.

– All my reviews will contain a short summary of your book, a review, a picture post on IG (if the book is mailed to me in hard copy) and a starred rating. A link to the review will be posted on my Goodreads page too.

– Once you contact me, I will reply within a week at the most.

If you’re ready to request a book review, I ask that you include the following when you message me through my contact page:

Book Title (in the subject line)

– Link to its Goodreads page

– Genre

– Age Range

– Book Synopsis

– Release Date

– Publisher

– 5 Page Excerpt 

Thank you!