Book Review: Front Lines by Michael Grant

Summary: Set in an alternate WW2 where young women are called to fight alongside men, the story follows three girls who have to prove themselves through boot camp and then survive the gruesome reality of the front lines.

Thoughts: I enjoyed reading through every page of this book, but what I loved most was character diversity. You have your farm-girl tomboy, and the sharp and ambitious analyst, and the kind and naive medic and all those characters come together to create a very heart-felt story. The bloody and gruesome aspects of the war are still there, but there’s a lot of heart and courage at the center of the book – despite all the grief. I loved that Grant showed the difficulty of being girls in the army, and all the sexism they had to deal with and had to prove themselves against. But what I loved most, is that the men’s sexist behavior differed from girl to girl (as is usually true in real life) based on background and ethnicity. I loved that Grant, staying true to the reality of the times (1940’s) chose to portray the sexism, racism and anti-semitism in a way that made me cringe and feel kind-of uncomfortable. But I appreciate honest and uncensored truths and I loved that he didn’t hold back.

Stars: 4/5

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