Book Review: The Piper’s Son by Melina Marchetta

Summary: After the death of his uncle, Thomas Mackee’s life falls apart. A year after his uncle’s death, Thomas is still mourning his uncle’s death and once his flatmates kick him out, he moves back with his aunt and grieving father and starts working at a pub with his former friends as he works to build his life back up again.

Thoughts: This book was a bit confusing for me since I didn’t know a lot of the characters from Saving Francesca because I didn’t read it. My bad, obviously, but I still really enjoyed The Piper’s Son, despite not having known a lot of the secondary character from the first book. I loved Tom. He’s the perfect bad-boy on the outside and total softie on the inside. It’s very obvious that he’s hurting and so is his family, though each in his or her own way and even though Tom lashes out and appears like he doesn’t notice their pain, he’s really very intuitive and it shows in his relationships with everyone around him – from his former friends, to his family and the girl whose heart he broke but still loves. Overall, it was a beautiful story about loss, grief, family and second chances and I really enjoyed it.

Stars: 4/5

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