Book Review: Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Summary: Georgie Mccool’s marriage is in trouble and she only makes it worse when she opts to stay in Los Angeles to work on a script for her TV Show instead of visiting her husband’s family in Omaha for Christmas. Once Neal leaves with their daughters, Georgie begins to wonder if she actually ruined her marriage for good this time until she discovers a magical phone that allows her to talk to her husband in the past so that Georgie can fix her marriage before it starts.

Thoughts: The thing I loved most was watching Neal and Georgie’s relationship from the end to the start. I loved how there was time-travel, but not exactly and I loved the flashbacks. They were so beautifully done. Georgie was a tad bit too irrational but I guess in her situation, who wouldn’t be? The dialogue was perfect and the romance was cute without being cheesy. All in all, I really enjoyed it.

Stars: 4/5

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