Book Review: Starflight by Melissa Landers

Summary: Wanting a fresh start where no one cares that she’s a felon, Solara Brooks indentures herself to her high-school bully (Dorian Spaulding) for safe passage to the Outer Realms only to end up kidnapping him after he threatens to throw her out in the middle of nowhere in space. Dorian is framed for conspiracy back on Earth and is being hunted by the authorities, but he and Solara must look past their difference and work together to evade their arrest.

What I loved: Solara and Dorian! The character development between them both was so beautifully done and even though Dorian started out as a pompous ass, I couldn’t get enough of him when I finished the book. The world-building was easy to follow and even the technical terms weren’t confusing at all. It was light, funny and full of heart and adventure. Exactly how I love my space operas!

What was okay: I did see that ending coming, so it wasn’t really a surprise but I still flipped through without stopping.


Stars: 4/5

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